The Perspectivity Network comprises all those who are inspired by our ideas on sustainable solutions for complex societal problems and who want to help convey these ideas to a broader audience. The active members of the Network are a group of people from all walks of life who participate in Perspectivity workshops and events, contribute to our implementation projects and/or facilitate the Perspectivity Game.

The Perspectivity Network started in the Netherlands and over the years it has branched out into several regional practices across the globe including the United Kingdom, Germany, USA, Tanzania, India, Cambodia, Philippines and China.

From January 2019, Perspectivity is starting with a new membership model. This model was co-created by those interested in joining the new model. This membership model will be launched during the New Years drinks on the 31st of January 2019 in Utrecht. With this new membership model, we want to strengthen our ties, increase our impact and further develop our expertise on dialogue and navigating complexity together.


Members are professionals fascinated by complex challenges, no matter what field they are active in. They have a full-time job or work independently – either on their own or in a collective form. They care deeply about themes at the heart of societal transitions and their purpose is to contribute to a regenerative world.

Members are looking for like-minded people: to exchange experiences and to be challenged in their own approaches. They are eager to apply this in their (working) environment. Members want to learn about cutting-edge approaches on for example dialogue, multi-stakeholder approaches and large scale interventions to name but a few, and they want to be involved in new developments.

What you gain when you become a Perspectivity Member

  • Free participation in the yearly one-day ‘Perspectivity Fest’ a cutting-edge event
  • Yearly informal meet-up with the Perspectivity Community members
  • Participate in Perspectivity Circles: themes or approaches (e.g. participation, energy transition, Deep Democracy, Future Search)
  • Access to the new Perspectivity Member platform
  • Be a part of CoBudget, a collective investment fund / crowdfunding platform for Perspectivity members
  • Reduction on training fees
  • Free participation in a game session of choice
  • Perspectivity materials: Complexity Navigator and the book “Walking the Perspectivity Path”

The Perspectivity Network comes together at Perspectivity events. See Network activities for more information or  check our Calendar for the upcoming events.

The price of the membership is €35 a month ex VAT, or €420 a year ex VAT. This introduction price is valid until the 31st of December 2019.

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