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Become a member of the Perspectivity community: a community of change makers, dialogue lovers and social innovators! 

Are you a professional or student fascinated by complex challenges, dialogue, social change or innovation? Do you care about themes at the heart of societal transitions and wish to contribute to a regenerative world? Are you interested in the work that the people in the Perspectivity community do and the methodologies we use, such as Deep Democracy, Future Search, participatory narrative research and Transformative Scenario Planning? Would you like to be part of an active international community of like-minded people? Then becoming a member might be perfect for you!

The Perspectivity Community Membership

As a community member you will…

Join a community of practitioners

  • Get to know the work of the people in the Perspectivity community and participate in one of the Perspectivity Circles. For example, join the Perspectivity Game Circle or convene on themes such as Deep Democracy or Future Search. You can also initiate a community of practice yourself about a topic you are enthusiastic about.
  • Interact and communicate with other community members via an online platform.

Become part of CoBudget

  • You will automatically join CoBudget, our own ‘crowdfunding’ platform where you can pitch your ideas or projects for funding and support making other members’ ideas a reality through collaborative finance.

Receive discounts and take part in Perspectivity events and training workshops

  • Discount on the yearly Perspectivity Fest
  • Participate in yearly meeting for all Perspectivity community members
  • Discount on open trainings
  • Free participation in a game session playing one of Perceptivity’s’ serious games (on climate, public health, food, decision making, security or the nexus of water, food and energy)
  • Opportunity to be trained as a game leader

How do I become a member?

You become a member of the Perspectivity community when you are donor for the Perspectivity Foundation. The annual donor fee introduction price for 2020 is €550,- for a duration of 12 months. It is possible to pay on a monthly basis as well. More information about becoming a donor can be found here.

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