Our Values

In performing the things we do we are guided by the following values:

  • Authenticity: We constantly check if the things we do are genuine and in line with the approaches we believe in. We do not compromise for opportunistic reasons, being aware that people are not always served best by going along with their wishes.
  • Congruency: We ensure that the way we work is in line with the way we guide our clients to work. We preach what we practice and practice what we preach.
  • Wholeness: We operate as whole beings, meaning that we address issues rationally, emotionally and existentially, using our “whole brain”. We do not separate between formal and informal, hierarchic and functional, private and business.
  • Reciprocity: We believe that if we genuinely seek to co-create a better world with and for our clients and other partners, this will be recognized and rewarded by them. We prefer valuation of the work done above up-front negotiation and relation above transaction.