29 & 30 May – Network Event with International Futures Forum

We are delighted to announce that the Perspectivity Network Event 29, 30 May 2015, will be run in partnership with the International Futures Forum. The International Futures Forum is based in Scotland and has a “clan membership” all around the world, including people like Adam Kahane. They are bound together by a shared sensibility of how to respond to todays “conceptual emergency” – much as Perspectivity is.

Graham Leicester, Tony Hodgson and Denis Stewart of IFF will be in the Netherlands on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th to share and explore with IFF.

On Friday 29th you are invited to take part in playing and learning about IFF’s World Game. The game involves unpacking the collaborations that are needed to solve complex problems. 12 axis points form the basis of our world, and we must collaborate to find our common cause and create prosperity and a healthy society.

The game is an excellent partner to the Perspectivity Game that inspires competition in demonstrating how acting out of self-interest in a group setting diminishes success for everyone.

The World Game is used in settings to help establish a deeper understanding of why collaboration is necessary and to provide an experience of what it feels like. All of Perspectivity is invited to take part in the World Game on the Friday afternoon.

On Saturday 30th we will spend time exploring the work of International Futures Forum and that of Perspectivity to connect our common causes together. We will also have external invited guests to add more experience to the sharing.

Contact Michael ( michael.donnelly@perspectivity.org ) for more details.

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