4 interns from very different backgrounds started at Perspectivity this month

We searched for interns with the ambition and potential to make a difference, for future leaders and future followers who ask the question: how do we bring people together and unlock collective knowledge, passion and creativity in such a way that people are able to cope with the challenges and opportunities of today?

“I am Lithuanian and I am currently studying International Management in France. I feel a deep interest in sustainability and human interrelations, and that is why I am very happy to become a part of Perspectivity! I am sure here I will be provided with a platform to explore more on that and do things that are inspiring.”

“Hi! My name is Lindella Croes and I am from Aruba. I am currently finishing my studies in International Business & Management at The Hague University. I am open minded and eager to learn more. I believe Perspectivity will enable me to cultivate new experiences and knowledge to better understand and contribute to this complex world. Aspire to Inspire.”

“Age: 22, nationality: Bulgarian. I am a 3rd year student at The Hague University, graduating International Communication Management. My hobby-passions are playing guitar, composing songs and longboarding.”

“I am 22 and a recent graduate from Chapman University in California. I received my degree in Psychology and Anthropology and naturally have a passion for cultures and traveling. I love seeing different lives of people around the world and thrive on novel experiences and unique perspectives. I’m excited to work for Perspectivity and share its goal of innovative management techniques for a more sustainable world.

Each of them will always be at least working on one ongoing project that catched their attention. At the same time we want to develop some core elements and assignments for all our interns.

  • The running and further development of the Perspectivity Academy, including training design, marketing and communication, and acting as co-trainer.
  • Identify and develop proposals and business opportunities where the Perspectivity approach would be the ‘ideal’ way to go about development.
  • Managing Perspectivity game-sessions and development of new game concepts, including piloting. Relevant themes would be security, food, water, or other global challenges.
  • Development and experimenting with narrative-based data collections tools, to collect tacit knowledge in complex settings
  • Any other great idea that they might come up with….!

The interns are based at the Perspectivity Enterprise office in The Hague, in the monumental building “De Rode Olifant” (Red Elephant); where working is a reward in itself. The internship will last between 6 – 9 months.

The interns will assist Perspectivity in the last two months of their internship to recruit and guide new interns.