9 November Perspectivity Fest: Slowing down in Complexity

In the midst of the major transformations, we are urged to speed up, to keep track and be on the ball. This can be so overwhelming that we forget to stand still.

Only if we slow down, we can fully be present. We can connect to ourselves, to others and to our environment. Slowing down helps us to shift our perspective and to sense what is about to emerge. 

At the Perspectivity Fest, we invite you to slow down with us.

Together, we will explore different ways to change our inner-outer perspective. In collective explorations and interactive workshops, you will be inspired, learn new techniques and gain insights about how you can boost change.

Come slow down with us on 9 November!

We cannot solve big challenges by ourselves, nor can we plan out pre-cooked solutions. By bringing together various perspectives and players we can start co-creating and crowd-source new approaches and solutions, weaving webs of connection, learning and support, and share inspiring stories…

And so once a year we organise the Perspectivity Fest. An event that brings together all people interested in what we do, working in the same areas or people that would like to be inspired. Perspectivity invites you to take part in, and be part of a community of professionals able to navigate in these times of transition. And this year specifically on ‘Slowing down in Complexity’.

Save the date! 9 November, 2019 at De Patio in Wageningen.

Please let us know through this form how you would like to specifically contribute to the Perspectivity Fest and we will be in touch very soon. Or order your tickets here. We look forward to your contribution!