DATE CHANGED due to storm: CoBudget New Year’s drinks 18 Jan

Due to extreme weather forecasts, this event is cancelled for this date. We will keep you informed if we postpone the event or come up with an alternative. 

The Perspectivity Network would like to celebrate the new year with you! We would love to welcome all Perspectivity Network members and friends to our new years drinks on the 18th of January 2018.

When: 18th of January 2018
Where: Central location in The Netherlands (more details announced shortly)
What time: 18:00 walk-in 18:30-19:30 CoBudget and drinks
For who: Everyone

During this evening, we will reflect on the first CoBudget pilot: discuss the current buckets and reflect upon the ideas. We thus specifically welcome all of those who have participated and all of those who are interested in joining future rounds.

The drinks will take place at a central location in The Netherlands and will be filmed so they can be viewed by our friends far away.

More detailed information will follow shortly, so stay tuned. If you have any questions at this moment, please contact us!

What is CoBudget again?

More info about CoBudget can be found here:

The current CoBudget round will stay open until the 25th of January. This means that it is still possible to fund a current initiative and that new ideas can be entered from the 25th of January onwards. If you have any specific questions about CoBudget, do not hesitate to contact Monique Janmaat.