Appreciative Inquiry Proposal for Ireland biggest Government Department

Perspectivity Enterprise was recently invited to make a formal presentation to the Change Management Team at Ireland Department for Social Protection. The Department has recently been restructuring with the merging of three major services under one umbrella. The Department with 7000 staff has an annual budget in excess of €20 billion that it distributes in Social Protection spending on child benefits, unemployment benefits as well as vocational training and getting people back to work.

The Department is seeking to carry out a review of Culture and Values to underpin the integration of all services and to continue the transformation program towards a truly customer focused organization.

Lisette Gast and Michael Donnelly presented a solution based on Appreciative Inquiry that offers the potential to reach all of the 7000 staff in the organization and to include management and external stakeholders in a dialogue to create a renewed commitment to the Departmental mission and a set of values that inspires each to deliver that mission. The proposal also includes Dialogue Training and Social Video.