Appreciative Team Retreat SunFunder

SunFunder with head quarters in San Fransisco, staff members spread all over the world and a regional office in Arusha Tanzania, finances solar beyond the grid.

Over the next decade, solar energy will leapfrog the electricity grid in developing countries much like cell phones leapfrogged landlines. SunFunder is dedicated to financing this emerging solar market transformation. A solar transformation that tackles energy poverty and climate change.

All 21 SunFunder staff members went through an appreciative inquiry planning process to develop a common vision and strategies while strengthening the team spirit.

They interviewed each other about the successes, the moments they felt motivated and identified what makes them successful. Together they explored the context of their work by creating a mindmap with all trends that have an impact on SunFunder now. During an envisioning exercise they were invited to dream the ideal SunFunder in 2026. This resulted in ambition statements combining elements of the aspirations everyone has.

The last day was reserved for action planning, sharing commitments and in between there was time for walks, golf, running and enjoying the beautiful environment of the venue.

The approach was very helpful – we came up with a lot of important learnings and next steps for the company, which shows how useful it was