Being an intern at Perspectivity…

…broadens your world.

When I started in September, I was 23, had just finished studying Human Movement Sciences six months earlier and wanted to do something meaningful. I hoped to learn a thing or two about consultancy, about the broad social domain Perspectivity moves in and about working in an international environment.

Well, I definitely learned that. My personal goal – I hoped that working at Perspectivity would somehow increase my capability of being creative – was also reached. But not in the way I had expected. What I really discovered is that I have had this capability all along. I loved designing the weekly progress meetings we did with the interns, aimed at developing ourselves both personally and professionally. I loved challenging myself with complex stories I tried to capture in a Prezi. Or in a mindmap. I made a lot of mindmaps. And this showed me that actually I AM CREATIVE, just not in a way that I previously would have described as being creative.

This is exactly what Perspectivity did for me as an intern: we all create our own truth. Working in the progress meetings, maneuvering myself in a setting that is really moving towards a new, appreciative society and learning about new theories… It made me appreciate for the first time that we learn through stories, combining information and that everyone learns his or her own truth that way. It taught me that so much is possible, if you just open up. To yourself, your own thoughts and your own feelings – something the progress meetings, my fellow interns, Han and Lisette strongly helped me with – but also to others and their point of view. For me it truly was a transformative time in which I got to know myself and discovered somewhat better what I want.

I am sad to leave this warm and caring organization. But I am also very excited to continue my journey at the municipality of Nieuwkoop, broadening my world even further. Thank you so much for the wonderful time and thanks in advance for the amazing events where I will surely see you again!