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We have a new exciting project in CoBudget: Sprocklering outcomes

This bucket asks your support to create an innovative ‘Outcome Harvesting’ feature in Sprockler. Sprockler is a perfect tool to collect stories, and it’s got more to offer. After some software adaptations, it can also serve as a tool to harvest (collect), verify and visualise outcomes!

The feature will offer a unique way to collect outcomes and automatically send the outcomes to one or more individuals for verification. This linkage was never possible in any kind of software before!

What’s in it for you? As a co-investor you will be invited to a FREE full-day training on Outcome Harvesting and the use of this innovative feature for your work.

Other opportunities for funding:

  • Upgrade Perspectivity’s Visual Identity – A strong visual identity will support Perspectivity’s visibility in the world. It will help us to be recognized by (prospective) clients, members and partners. An attractive and recognizable brand will enable us to make our innovative approaches and methods more visible and to spread the results of our work. We have asked graphic designer Maaike Besseling (who also developed the concept, graphics and lay-out for the Bundle of complexity) to give our visual brand a make-over and take it to the next level. Will you support us too?
  • Beyond Belief – The magic of our astonishing unconscious – This initiative is about diving in a world that brings new perspectives through the unconscious, in a playful manner. We would like to develop (a) story-line(s) wherein above techniques are integrated. Stories that speak about our existence, about science, about what is true and what is fake. And to create an interactive experience of astonishment.

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