Collaboration & Team Spirit – Hogeschool Utrecht plays the Climate Challenge again

“This game is the best game I ever played. Because you see how people really are when they have to win a game.

In February, Perspectivity hosted the Climate Challenge at Hogeschool Utrecht for over 120 students!

This session with the HU is an ‘old friend’: Perspectivity and HU have been collaborating for 4 years in a row now to play the Climate Challenge with students of the Sustainable Business Development course. The game is the kick-off of their semester and playing always brings strong (group) dynamics. The students are dedicated gamers, and facing the crucial trade-off between long term sustainability and short term economic growth makes them aware:

In The Netherlands, the goal is to have 14% sustainable energy in 2020, right now it is at 2.2%. Nobody wants to listen to rules that have influence on the climate. The game is a small representation of the real world.

The game also provides experience with the impact of the choices made by individuals and the group:

Everyone was very selfish at the beginning. After a few rounds people recognized the global issues and a few saw the good in changing to clean factories and a few just didn’t care and wanted the highest revenue.

Or on the other hand:

The game was so enjoyable and logical for me. Dynamics changed all the time for focus and fun. More than self-expression, I experienced collaboration and team spirit.

Overall, it is a unique learning experience!






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