“Cumberland Lodge: ‘A house for Ideas’. Building a practitioner network in the UK”?

The London Development Group has evolved from a review after our annual session of 40+ Students at London School of Economics at Cumberland Lodge near Windsor U.K. November 2013. Our initial inquiry was around ‘Building a Practitioner Network in the U.K.’

Since the beginning of 2014 three of us, Liv Raphael, Sole Riestra and Tom Hitchman have been meeting regularly to design some initial steps around how we work together collaboratively, what governance and decision-making processes we want to adopt, and what interventions we want to make in the world to foster a community of practice around the game and the deeper Perspectivity approaches.

We each had desires to work using a collaborative leadership approach and were fortunate enough to realise that another UK based Perspectivity member, Cyrille Jegu, has just been trained in Holacracy in Amsterdam. He volunteered to steer us through some early stages of this evolving Dynamic Governance method, based originally on the Dutch Sociocracy, and he has also prompted us towards GTD (Getting Things Done) for coordination and task management. Thank you Cyrille!

Sole Riestra is leading an initiative at Edinburgh University to support some students who have opted to use Perspectivity in an event addressing issues around the conflict of growth paradigm and sustainable development. This is being done in co-ordination with the Universities’ Global Development Academy in early May.

7 June: Train the Trainer in Central London
Initially, for the community of practice, we are creating a Train the Trainer on Saturday 7th June in Central London. We already have signups from consultants working in change, complexity and systems thinking and are reaching out to other of our networks around sustainability, and international development with our interested students from LSE. The venue is very close to Eurostar at St Pancras in London so welcome overseas visitors as well.

After the Train the Trainer we are considering a one day Perspectivity introduction in the autumn and also creating a UK stakeholder event to help focus energies, collaboratively design our approaches, and build our skills and numbers to develop the network over the next 12-18 months. It could be fun to use some inspired dialogue processes to integrate perspectives from around the U.K.

We are looking forward to all the learning as we are developing the network and opening up the responsibilities to new members to spread the load.

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