Deep Democracy (Level 2)

Deep Democracy is a practical (facilitation) method to start dialogue together. It actively looks for the wisdom of the minority. Alternative points of views are heard, explored and brought into the decision-making process. This results in widely supported decisions and optimal use of the potential of the group. This new view on decision-making and group dynamics enables co-creation.

The Deep Democracy level 2 training course is provided in collaboration with House of Deep Democracy/Dialogue Hunters.

This two-day level 2 training of Deep Democracy is meant for everybody who was enthusiastic about Deep Democracy after participating in the level 1 course and who wants to delve deeper and hone their skills further. You learn how you can use Deep Democracy as a facilitator, leader or manager of a group, as a member of the group or even in situations in your private life. You learn how you can express your own interests and can be able to facilitate neutrally. Next to that, we will dedicate ample time for the dynamics below the water line, through role mapping and techniques in step 5, such as throwing arrows, the argument and let’s talk.

Content training course 

  • Practice the four steps, the check-in and the check-out, soft shoe shuffle
  • Apply Deep Democracy as a leader, as someone with a stake and as a member of the group, without formal supervisors or leader roles
  • Deepen role theory: recognising dualities, roles and fractal patterns in groups and/or organisations
  • Solve dualities and conflicts through Step 5: the technique of throwing arrows, the argument and let’s talk (application of the method in a one-on-one conversation)
  • Gain insight in the meta skill neutrality and what to do if you lose it

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