Detecting personality through facial movements – INSA Non-verbal Strategy Analysis

Would you like to be able to figure out someone’s personality in just 5 minutes?

Would you like to be able to see through a person to become a better mediator?

What do your facial movements reveal about you?

On the 17th of September, the Perspectivity Network gathered with Herman Ilgen to learn more about the INSA method of non-verbal strategy analysis, a method that shows how interaction works at the unconscious level. It measures the unconscious, highly repetitive micro-movements of your eyebrows and eyelids and links these to certain personality traits.

People show a consistent repertoire of non-verbal displays and basic reflexes that is developed when we are only 18 months old. This repertoire becomes more visible when we experience tension.

Herman, the founder of Institute of Non-Verbal Strategy Analysis, presented many video examples that showed us how the method works in real life. For example, we had a look at what the facial movements of President Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and George Clooney reveal about their personalities and about how they respond to stressful situations.

We also had a chance to experience it ourselves as participants. In 5 minutes video interviews the rest of the group had the experience to test their new knowledge on a Perspectivity colleague and Herman provided individual advice on the way in which they can function to the best of their ability.

Training offer 

Would you like to recognize important personal features of others too?

Now it’s all still fresh, Herman is offering us an unique opportunity to follow the basic training, which enables you to apply the INSA method in practice (see annex for the open training).

His offer is to provide training (including catering and documentation) for:

6-8 people for € 3.000 excl. VAT
9-10 people it is € 3.400 excl. VAT
11-14 it is € 4.000 excl. VAT
The training can take place on two days in a row or on two Saturdays, whichever works better for your agenda. This can take place in November, December or January.

An alternative that he offers is that people subscribe to the open training (in Dutch). For that the costs are €595 ex VAT. For November 30 & January 12, there are still places available.

If you are interested in attending the training, please email to

More info: