Discover the other in yourself

“Wow I didn’t realise I can be so overwhelming!”

The participant is literally and figuratively standing in the shoes of her manager, whose perspective is radically different from her own. Through this exercise she can look at herself through the eyes of her boss and this makes her realise how her own behaviour comes across. She sees and feels the effect her behaviour has on herself and starts to understand it, which can change her relation with her boss.

This exercise was part of the ‘Discover the other in yourself’ event, which was organised by Young Perspectivity on Thursday the 23rd of February. Young professionals came together on this evening to obtain insights into their own perspective and that of others in a playful way through interactive exercises like this one from Deep Democracy. Sometimes it can be really difficult to understand someone with a completely different view or perspective. This perspective can then seem far away from ourselves. Placing ourselves into that standpoint is then difficult. During this evening, we explored these perspectives in ourselves, whether they are of your boss, mother or Donald Trump’s.


One of the exercises we used is based on the ‘Terroristline’. This is a way to understand what can go wrong in the communication between two people when one or two (or both) persons do not feel heard by the other person. You can then slide on a scale from ‘jokes’ to ‘on communication strike’ to even worse. Through Deep Democracy you can learn to place yourself in the position of the other – this often changes the communication, often for the benefit of those involved.

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