For the Love of Complexity workshop 13 October 2017

How does chaos relate to complexity?  How far does involving everyone go? How do you keep everyone informed and where is this incorporated in the complexity navigator? Should we not first get an idea of what’s going on before others join? Are we talking about the content or the process? 

These were some of the questions we exchanged during the ‘For the Love of Complexity’ workshop. Perspectivity organised this taster event for the fifth time on the Friday afternoon of the 13th of October at Spring House in Amsterdam. Warm and new relations of Perspectivity were invited to exchange experiences about complexity.

We examined dynamics in complex systems, exchanged about the Cynefin framework and explored our own complex cases using the nine building blocks for navigating in complexity. The participants puzzled with the Complexity Navigator’s wooden puzzle pieces and asked for methods to deal with complexity.

Still puzzled with questions, at the friday-afternoon-happy hour drink, we toasted to the notion that complexity goes hand in hand with uncertainty. 

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