Fresh Faces on Board!

The Board of the Perspectivity Foundation is please to welcome two new faces to take the Network further into 2015: Noor Buur en Pieter van den Wall Bake.

Noor has been involved with Perspectivity for 2.5 years, since she participated in a game session at the Dutch development bank FMO (read Noor’s Perspectivity story here). Noor works via Stichting Intermin in the public sector, mainly in the social domain.

Pieter has been very active in the game leader community and at Network events. In 2014 he worked at Spark, supporting diaspora entrepreneurs who aim to start a business in their country of origin post-conflict areas. Starting in 2015 he will work at a start-up company which challenges the way we think about mobility – and use – our cars. (Read Pieter’s story here)

Noor and Pieter are taking the seats of Sander Simonetti and Eelke Visscher, who who joined in 2008 as founding members. We thank Sander en Eelke for their contributions to the board over the past years!