Future Search Training for Women of Conflict Regions

Representatives from women networks and organisations in (post)conflict countries gathered in The Hague for a Future Search training. The training was organised by Cordaid and facilitated by Perspectivity. The women represented women’s rights organisations in Afghanistan, North-East India, Colombia, DR Congo, Guatemala and Palestine.

The training took place from April 9-10-11 and took the participants through a Future Search simulation to experience the principles of the philosophy. The also commenced the planning of Future Searches in their own countries, as a means to bring interest groups together to hold a dialogue on the security situation of women in the affected areas.

Currently the voice of women is insufficiently heard, while they are living in harsh conditions where social change is badly needed. This can only be improved if the right parties are willing to get involved in the dialogue. The women representatives will continue the ongoing dialogue or initiate a higher level dialogue based on the Future Search principles as a leverage instrument for action and policy.

Contact: Han Rakels and Lisette Gast
Read more about the training on Cordaid.org