AkzoNobel Graduate Development Programme, December 10th 2015, with Hanne & Henk

While Planet Climate talks are going on in Paris, future leaders at AkzoNobel are being trained in Sustainability Policy.  The Perspectivity Climate Game is the start of the second day of the module on  sustainability. Lessons learned have to be applied to their own leadership styles. The AkzoNobel  approach is called Planet Possible, which is basically the challenge to create more value from fewer resources.

‘’It is all about communication´´ one player said,  ´´we all knew it, but you wouldn´t listen!´´

Reflection started on what revenue or value really is. From a corporate setting first everyone was just thinking about money, but after the game a much broader perception of revenue and value came up. This was used in the afternoon when the graduates reflected on what this meant for their leadership and who else they would need in the process.

In the end  the question ‘’who is the winner ?’’ was left hanging in the air. Which proves again that gaming can be as complex – and undefined in responsibility – as real life.