British School in The Netherlands

Last month 65 students aged 14-15 years from the British School in The Netherlands rose to the challenge and played the Climate Challenge. It was part of their Life Skills course which includes a topic on being a principled thinker, so the challenge was the perfect match.

As students were placed in the shoes of key decision makers they felt the pressure of balancing revenue creation, while mitigating pollution and acting in an ethical and principled way. The atmosphere in the hall was tense as the students were really engaged and focused. The students shared some powerful insights about what they had learnt and observed through the experience. Already the Climate Challenge has been booked again for next year as part of the Life Skills curriculum.

It was fun, though decision making was tough

My team was honest, others were competitive, is there a way to stop others cheating?

….I think I have grown as a person

I observed some great thinkers’ ‘Teamwork was impressive

….to experience what it is like to be a leader of a country. We were able to overcome an economic crisis, this made me realize how hard it is for developing countries to catch up.

I have learnt so much in this session about how to negotiate with others