Dudley UK write up

March 2016 saw the latest Public Health game challenge being played in Stourbridge, UK (the home of glass making). The 5 hour return train journey from London was worthwhile! Almost 50 General Practice doctor trainees attended this incredibly lively session. Teams were battling it out to win, and opponents were asking the game leaders whether they could excommunicate the most vocal, dominant team (ironically ‘the West), when their attempts to influence their selfishness did not pay dividends! In the post game debrief, some players questioned their choice of career, being very concerned that their colleagues (future family doctors) could be so selfish! The game sparked much debate and discussion. 96% would recommend the game to colleagues and that it enhanced their appreciation for Public Health.

Things which surprised players were “how I dealt with some of the choices and what I learnt about myself”, “working together can be difficult with external pressures”, “how greedy and competitive people could be in order to win” and “how complex public health and its funding is”.

Other observations were that “Diplomacy and negotiation are key skills”, “that finite resources will run out if one team benefits most…[and] eventually collapses the whole system” and that it “allowed us to work together in an interactive way…and was completely different to anything we have done in our training before”.

What you think. need to pick up umbrella now. Some other quotes below…



How selfish people were in the game

How individual personality affect health decisions of others

Something which gives a benefit in one way may cause harm in another way



Really insightful into my own personality, behaviour and traits and that of others.

I think it will encourage to look at the bigger picture

Greater awareness

I was angry and upset that some people didn’t care for the greater good of the overall health level of the population.

It makes me realise just how important it is to work as a team

Thinking about the wider picture- actions have impact.