Game News: first open game event in Tanzania

Thursday the 16th of May it was a big day in Arusha. 20 People joined in to play the Perspectivity Game, which was facilitated by Monique Janmaat from Perspectivity Enterprise and Tine Hemelings (independent consultant). It was a very animated afternoon. The players came from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds: from private companies (accountant, marketing manager, general managers), international school, independent consultants, (inter)national NGO’s; Tanzania, Ireland, Scotland, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Denmark, aging from 20 up to 55 years. Lessons learned that were shared during the reflection were:

– It was, shall we say, interesting! It does appear that we need to be more like ants or bees and suppress the individual’s influence on the direction of society as the game indicates that cooperation and communication toward a common goal is essential

-To do good alone is not enough, you need others to make a difference

– I am operating too much on my own and I realise I should seek more collaboration with others

– I realise again how important it is to be clear about the ‘common goal’

– Especially people at policy-making levels, ministries should play this game.

– I have a multi-stakeholder meeting and will propose to first play this game before we meet. I think it will make a difference in how people are going to interact in the meeting. Until now, everyone seems to be more driven by their own interest.

– I realize I can take more initiative to change ‘the rules of the game’

– I had fun and learned a lot about myself and others

People liked the game and the interaction afterwards. They had meaningful conversations about their own behavior and dynamics in complex situations.

Around 6 people showed an interest to become game leaders and signed up to follow the Train the Trainer, which will be organized in the second half of 2013.