Game News: Open Game at the Hub in Kings Cross (London)

On the 21st of October, Esther Foreman from The Social Change Agency will be running a Perspectivity Game at the Hub in Kings Cross (London) for social entrepreneurs.

Join her for a night of complexity! Come and explore your hidden dynamics, take on other countries and develop global economies….

Perspectivity Game puts its participants in the shoes of national politicians while they manage a country’s economic growth through an era of rapid change.  Facilitated by trained coaches, each team will be responsible for the expansion of a virtual economy on the game board. The growth process encompasses the issues that our world leaders are all too familiar with: growth spurts, limited resources, international negotiations, downturns and conflicts.

It is a great way to explore hidden motivations, work patterns, meet some new people and generally have fun whilst learning (…. that is called play…).

A very small payment covers food and drinks for the evening.

Book in fast using the link below if you want to come- and bring your work mates.

Perspectivity Game at Kings Cross