Game news: Open Game in Utrecht attracts 16 curious minds

At October 16th, Bente Adriaans organized her first open game session at the Vrijstaat in Utrecht. 16 people were curious enough to find out what this Perspectivity Game is all about and played at two tables, facilitated by Herman van der Meyden and Patrick Rutte.

It was fun to learn how the attendees had become aware of the game and the open session through very different routes. Some had been attending a Perspectivity network event before and wanted to see the game in action this evening. For someone else it was recommended by his neighbor, who is the brother of an active early-hour network member. A group of five came from a change consultancy firm, based on an initial conversation with Erik Bronsvoort nearly two years ago.

The two table end scores of 65 and 66 points were disguising the fact that the game dynamics were quite different. One table tried hard to manage the poverty trap of one player, but struggled despite an elaborate capital transfer scheme. Ultimately the affected player decided to grow out of poverty through normal factories, reintroducing climate disasters to the game after a few rounds of effective pollution management.

At the other table, the “Steven Global Initiative” was coined, a wealthy player feeling the responsibility (and perhaps the self-interest) to aid others towards growth and sustainability.

All together it was a fun evening which hopefully delivers some good leads for making even more people aware of our interdependency and the importance of dialogue!