Game News: Perspectivity returns to The Generator in Exeter

The Generator is a co-work space which offers desk space but more importantly focuses on creating an open culture to foster collaboration between their clients which can lead to surprising innovations, mutual benefit and learning. It is host to a 28 day entrepreneur programme called Corkscrew. Corkscrew delivers aspiring entrepreneurs from around Europe a bootcamp style business programme and mentoring to accelerate their creative business concepts.

Perspectivity built on its first successful Open Session by having 2 boards facilitated by 2 new gameleaders identified from the earlier event! The two boards told two very different stories resulting in a thoroughly eye-opening debrief!

A participant emailed the following day saying “From my point of view Perspectivity is more than a game as after playing, it left me with a bittersweet taste and loads of thoughts about the actions we took during the game which reflects the very same nature of the reality we’re living right now :(“ Luis

Organisers of the Corkscrew programme are interested in exploring how Perspectivity can enhance their existing programme while it offers Perspectivity a regular opportunity to develop the impact of the Game session through a process of Action Research.