Game News: Perspectivity visits Ashridge House in Berkhampstead, UK

Ashridge House is a stately home near London that is now run by a charity that supports learning through educational programmes and a management consultancy. Their mission is to “develop managers’ knowledge, skills, behaviours and practices in order to enhance their leadership potential, personal success, that of their organisations and of wider society.”

Eight staff played the Perspectivity Game including: faculty members of the Ashridge Masters in Sustainability and Responsibility, employees of the Leadership Development programmes, sustainability researchers, associates, coaches and their operations team.

The game session, went some way to introducing the values and approach of Perspectivity and invited their expertise and experience in exploring mutually beneficial opportunities. Staff of Ashridge often use a variety of simulation activities across their work.

We are now in discussions regarding use of the Perspectivity ‘microworld’ as a simulation and learning device for their training programmes but also as a way to engage Ashridge Alumni.

The event was made possible through an Ashridge Consulting Associate who played Perspectivity Game during an Open Session at Schumacher Institute in Bristol last November.