Game news: Special National Security edition Perspectivity Game big success in Singapore

During the National Security Seminar in Singapore, Perspectivity facilitated a game session with the specially made National Security Edition of the Game. The National Security Coordination Secretariat requested this game which was a great success.

During two preparation days 13 local game leaders were trained. On the 24th of September the game was played with over 200 people at 14 game tables. Participants from all security sectors -police, army, etc.- were very animated and learned a lot about themselves and how to work with complex issues like security.

The development and facilitation of the game was an extremely successful co-creation and collaboration between the client, Perspectivity Network and Perspectivity Enterprise. The insights that participants gained varied from very individual -on leadership, communication skills, how implicit assumptions determine behaviour- to nation wide -how important it is to work with all stakeholders and overcome distrust through having open dialogues.

Quotes from client:

We were very pleased with everything,  from the train the trainers session, to the actual game play and the debrief. We have received many positive feedback from participants, and my boss who sat through the game was also pleased with the active responses from the participants. The entire game facilitation plus the various reflections were also conducted in a highly professional manner.

We have already received several enquiries from agencies on the game itself and whether it can be played at their own agency level. I think we have certainly created a huge interest 🙂

……express my deepest gratitude to you for being with us right from the start to conceptualise and design this special edition of the Perspectivity game.