Open game night Stress Nexus Challenge

The population of the world is growing. People on average live longer. This is causing increased pressure on available resources.

Water is becoming a scarce commodity in many locations across the globe. There is not enough space on earth to feed the whole world if the food demand keeps rising. There is also increasing pressure on energy, because traditional sources of energy are depleting and green energy is not yet optimally usable or fully supported.

How do you handle the pressure on scarce resources and energy? How would you balance the nexus of water, food and energy? Have you always wanted to know what it feels like to step into the shoes of those who make the decisions on water, food and energy for the whole planet?  

Come play the Stress Nexus Challenge! 

When: Wednesday night 22 November from 19:00 to 22:00

Where: Utrecht Community, 2de Daalsedijk 6a, Utrecht

During this open game we will tackle the dilemmas that shape the future of energy, water and food. We play a world where we can experiment with innovative and collaborative approaches to make our world as resilient as possible. In that way, we learn to understand these systems and our role within them.

It is an open and free session, so feel free to bring a colleague, friend or neighbour!

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