Perspectivity Challenges showcase

October 22 we showed the new developed Perspectivity Challenges!

The challenge developers  presented the new challenges and everybody played in two demo workshops. The event also included an update about recent developments .

We will aim for more high-end sessions and offer professional Perspectivity Challenge facilitators. We hope to create a next level impact with the challenge going forward, including stepping up the way we deliver challenges in the business sector.The new challenges are:

  • The Climate Challenge
  • The Public Health Challenge
  • The Food Challenge
  • The Human Security Challenge
  • The Decision making Challenge
  • The Nexus Challenge
  • The National Security Challenge

Train-the-Trainer event Saturday 28 November

New games also require some new trainings. Hence we will organize a new Train-the-Trainer event, for those interested inside and outside our network. If interested, please keep Saturday 28th of November reserved in your agenda. This day will probably consist of a differentiated program: a Train-the-Trainer session for the Perspectivity Challenge for new joiners; and a training session for becoming facilitator of one of the new games. More details about this training day will follow shortly.

If you are interested in a training, or know someone who is, please also inform us. Please also inform us in case you are interested, but not able to make it on November 28th.

Please RSVP to Imre van der Linden via

More information about the challenges? Read the challenges flyer