Perspectivity Game at the Asian Forum for Global Governance

This is the third time Perspectivity was invited for the Asian Forum for Global Governance which is an annual event organized by ORF. AFGG’14 was conducted by ORF in partnership with ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius. The event was inaugurated by Shashi Tharoor, who also is the Dean of the forum and has previously served as a peacekeeper, refugee worker and administrator at the highest levels, serving as Under-Secretary General during Kofi Annan’s leadership of the UN. Playing the Perspectivity game at this forum was particularly interesting as it witnessed participation of 46 young leaders from 31 countries who came from diverse fields such as politics, diplomacy, academia, journalism, business, media, banking and civil society.

After a quick introduction by Sole, who flew in especially for the session all the way from London, all the participants went on to join their respective tables. The participants had been provided with their seating arrangements prior to the game. The differences in backgrounds of the players seem to clearly reflect from their approach and outlook during the game play. There was a lot of contrast and variation in the strategies of the 4 tables, which led to the varying scores on all the 4 tables.

During the debrief, all the participants effectively brought out the insights that they derived during the game and also shared their learnings and understanding about the co-relation of the team work and interdependencies when it came to dealing with complexities in real life. It was really great to see that the participants were really enthusiastic and engaged throughout the session and gave the facilitators a very good feedback. It’s also important to mention and extend our gratefulness to the ORF staff who did a brilliant job in facilitating the 3 tables, who were trained shortly before the session. We would also like to thank Samir Saran and the organizers at ORF who not only had us facilitate the session but also recommended us for 2 other session in Hamburg and Brazil.