Perspectivity welcomes 17 new gameleaders!

In the morning of Saturday 28 November, people started dropping into the Seats2Meet building at Utrecht Central Station. They came to be trained in one of three Perspectivity Challenges that we have developed to let people experience what complexity feels like. As usual, there was a wide cast of backgrounds in the room: employees of multinationals, Perspectivity Enterprise consultants, healthcare managers and mediators, just to name a few.

The trainings were led by Michiel Damoiseaux, Rachael Mekle, Dalya Marks and Herman van der Meyden. Michiel has put lots of effort in the professionalization of the Perspectivity challenges this year and was proudly taking Apostolos, Kitty, Elsbeth, Diederik, Maaike, Maria, Thekla & Imre through the training on the new board design. It was fascinating to see the conversations in the group heating up, even though this was supposed to be a facilitator training and not ‘for real’.

Similarly, Rachael and Dalya had Freek, Fanny, Anne and Nick at their table, building a group that can faciliate groups in the healthcare sector. If you have ideas of where groups may benefits from a first-hand experience of the dilemmas ‘cure vs. prevention’ and ‘how much can I morally charge for medicine?’, let Rachael and Dalya know. The training play again demonstrated how well the game brings real healthcare dilemmas to the fore, all within an hour.

Finally, Herman was able to hand out gameleader certificates to Mariette, Tamar, Lieke, Hanne and Christopher, who had to carve out ways to be resilient against all sorts of resource shortages in the Nexus! challenge.

It was a fun day and a good illustration of the great new steps Perspectivity is making with the Challenges: new concepts, new boxes and now also great new facilitators. Welcome to the gameleader network!