Playing the Stress Nexus! and Public Health Challenge

On the 22nd of November Perspectivity hosted another Open Game session. Three full tables were filled playing the Stress Nexus! Challenge and the Public Health Challenge.

The event took place at the Utrecht Community for Pioneers.

Ben Kuiken, one of the participants of the event and author of the upcoming book about complexity ‘De Zinmakers’, wrote a blog about his experience:

If you ask people whether they want to contribute to a better world, for example to help reduce global warming, few people would refuse. But if you confront them with the dilemmas and consequences of their choices (no longer going to Thailand on holiday, no more driving of the car), then it quickly becomes a different story. The games Perspectivity has developed make these dilemmas visible in a nice manner.

Although they probably do not offer any solutions to the complex challenges that humanity faces, they do help to provide insight into the complexity and dilemmas that surround these challenges. Every choice you make has consequences. And although you cannot solve the problems of the whole world by yourself, in the choices you make you can take responsibility for others. As ultimately, you are one of the players of the game we call society or the world.

Open Game session november 2017

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