Train the Trainer UK 7th June 2014

The UK’s second Perspectivity Game Train the Trainer saw 11 people from various backgrounds come together to do some learning on the 7th June. They ranged from an Australian Adaptive Leadership expert to 2 students from Edinburgh university who are planning to start a Perspectivity group there in this autumn.

The whole design of the day was focussed on allowing space for the variety of the experience of those in the room to be expressed. The only pouring into empty vessels was when the heavy thunderstorm penetrated the moon unit ventilation as the last participants grabbed their coffees in the morning.

Some of the big learnings from the day were:

• A confirmation from people of how essential it is to create a shared experience at the start of the day so people can then refer to this throughout.

• That taking a separate space of a circle of chairs for Reflection compared to the Action space of the game really did change the dynamic and there was little need to state rules for this space.

• That people really enjoyed the 5 mins Self-Reflective Learning session after the game, and that this ‘self time’ was a novelty for many of them and doesn’t need to much instruction: ‘just keep the pen moving on the page, don’t lift up, it is for your eyes only, you can use your own notebooks’

• That metaphor, paradigm and language can be such unknowing and invisible dangers to communicating.

One emergent initiative sparked by reflections on the day was to identify some ‘micro teaching’ that could be used in conversational learning environments to feed, and satisfy, the common curiosities evoked by the game. Liv Raphael has come forward to curate these.