Game News: UK network members work on their Digital Marketing Strategy

Tanvi Patel in 'dialogue' with her game partner, Daniel Friedman, during the Perspectivity Game. Jonathon Wise (right) from the Communications Lab looks on!

Since the autumn of 2012 Tom Hitchman and Dharmesh Mistry have been pursuing some Digital Marketing advice through Tom’s membership of the Social Entrepreneurs Club at PwC’s Centre for Social Impact in London.

They are now pleased to announce that they have 3 people helping to define their Digital Marketing Strategy. They have already produced feedback on the new website and have suggested some quick easy wins to gain more traffic and measure the success of different sorts of content.

They are now working together with them to refine their integrated strategy that will include rich media on a number of platforms including the Perspectivity website, linked-in and Youtube.

To aid their mutual learning, and test out their video approaches, in concert with the team, they put on a Perspectivity Game session at The Fire Station with a mixed invited audience of experienced social entrepreneurs and younger recent PwC associates who joined in September 2012. The Perspectivity Game, as usual, being great fun and interactive but also, importantly, creating the atmosphere to discuss those normally difficult to surface elements around values and behaviours. They succeeded in getting some excellent video of the game session with debrief, and many people opted to give short individual testimonials to camera before they went to the pub.

Now the current and ongoing task is to flesh out the details in the strategy documents and begin to populate the online channels with content from the above session and to refine and integrate these techniques into other sessions.

The team includes Tanvi Patel and Charlotte Balnave, both recent hires to PwC, who are being supported by Emma McGurk, Marketing Assistant at PwC, who was formerly with web consultancy Logan Tod & Co who were bought out by PwC March 2012.