Utrecht Public Health Challenge 24 March

The Public Health Challenge was showcased to 14 players in Utrecht in late March. Many players had connections to the health sector and work in NGO’s, local government and a couple work in the field of health insurance organisation. A number of players also had interest and experience in the field of promoting dialogue. With these skills around the table, the highest score to date was recorded.

It did not mean that the game was without challenges though. One player stated ‘it is a very similar experience to finding your own way in multi-stakeholder situations’. Players tested different strategies, mostly with a collaborative spirit but with the end in sight and time running out, the game took a twist. People then chose to adopt different roles. ‘I had to keep a sharp eye on the others to check if they followed through on agreements.’ Another person described their play as ‘open to co-operation with others but not at my own loss’.

The Public Health Challenge provoked reflective thought and lots of conversations about where and how it could be used to promote dialogue.