Who should invest in preventative health care; a tough equation

On September 29th, 12 public health professionals from around the globe experienced the Perspectivity Public Health Challenge at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Our challenge featured in the School’s executive health leadership programme.

The course of action during the game was fascinating. Right at the beginning, the health regions were getting together to agree upon a national collaboration plan. There was only one region that didn’t agree with the envisaged strategy and this was enough to break up the collaboration. The dissonant region quickly invested in wealth machines to grow their own economy. The others heavily complained about that region’s impact on the global health level. Nonetheless, when a cardiovascular disease crisis hit, all regions were quick to call on the “United States” rich team to finance the research that should yield cures. Despite multiple attempts to agree on prevention methods, too many teams were defaulting. As a result, the global health level deteriorated to the worst possible level.

The debrief saw a very rich discussion, in which players confronted one another with how they perceived each other’s actions. They were very appreciative of how the Challenge gave them a round of practice after a week of leadership theory. And the end score proved again that even for such a seasoned group, this game is a hard nut to crack!

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