Get rid of the project manager – or change its role!

Podcast about scrum project management with Petra de Boer recorded by MDF.

Are you a project manager and wondering if scrum can help you to manage your projects more effectively? Listen to Scrumming the night away, an MDF-podcast about the benefits of using scrum with Petra de Boer, co-author of ‘Scrum in actie’.

In this podcast, she shares tips on how to get started, but also warns about the pitfalls when introducing scrum in your organisation.

Her top-3 tips:

  1. Start with the end user in mind – who are you serving and what do they need?
  2. Get rid of the project manager – not of the person, but of their role.
  3. Don’t sell scrum – it is only a means, not a goal in itself.

About Scrum
Scrum is a practical approach to manage your projects. It offers a practical set of tools, rules, roles and ceremonies to getting things done. But it is more than that, scrum is a truly different way of working, it requires a different mindset and can truly add to organisational change.

This recording is part of a podcast series recorded by Lisa Freiburg and Barbara Cruz from MDF Training and Consultancy. It is about project management stories you don’t get in books, told in the first person by MDF project managers and special guests.

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