Hans Keijzer highlights the role of the media in coping with the challenges of the “new world”

Over the last generations, our world has changed fundamentally. In short, from a small humanity on a big earth to a big humanity on a small earth. To cope with the challenges of this new world we need new ways of interaction. In Perspectivity we have identified and developed such new ways of interaction, which we summarize as “inspired dialogue and self-reflective learning”.

Everywhere around us, we see initiatives in the same direction; there clearly is an awareness growing that our present ways of interaction are not effective anymore. Nevertheless the mainstream debate in public space remains very much “old world”. We see education, political mores and media as three actors working against a development towards a “new world” way of interaction. Hans Keijzer, one of the founders of Perspectivity, wrote an article in which he highlights the role of the media.

Read: Perspectivity and the media (pdf)