Invitation to join the Perspectivity CoBudget initative

Perspectivity started a CoBudget experiment. What does this mean?

  • We all put money in the middle.
  • We decide together how to spend it.
  • We collaborate and make stuff happen.

Everybody is invited to decide how we will spend our budget. The purpose is to invite investors and involve everyone in deciding how to spend our budget in order to:

  • Enhance engagement in spreading Perspectivity’s philosophy
  • Boost entrepreneurial activity and establish ventures that generate Return Of Investment
  • Experiment with and a develop a model for funding social and economic activity

Read more if you are interested and sign up:

Join the pilot (max 40 participants, of which 12 from the enterprise). Sign up individually with 100 Euro and 15.000 from enterprise, game and foundation will be added. Total amount will be divided by the number of participants and that is what can be invested per person.

  1. Register with Monique via
  2. Receiving invoice foundation
  3. Payment
  4. Invitation CoBudget
  5. Start pilot for 3 months

The registered participants will receive clear instructions for participants how to use CoBudget, specification of starting a thread and guidelines/criteria for proposing a bucket.

More info: