Jelmer Talent Lab plays Climate Challenge!

Our gameleaders Michiel and Inge hosted the first Climate Challenge session in Rotterdam post Covid-19 outbreak! 

After months of pausing all Perspectivity game sessions due to covid-19 outbreak, we decided to give it a try again and see if it would work out with the current health rules.

On a sunny day in July, 24 young talents from Jelmer Talent Lab got together in Rotterdam to play and experience the Climate Challenge game.

Jelmer is an organisation that believes in the power of the new generation. They aim for the maximum development of young talent in the world of infrastructure projects, building industry, water, urban development and energy. Jelmers are the connector, the fresh perspective in an organization that can bring about change.

The theme of the session was Sustainable Transition during which young talents explored their own role in the transition process in the infrastructure and building industry.

Despite all good intentions of, and agreements with, the participants, the enthusiasm that emerges while playing the game makes it really hard to keep at the required distance to one another while discussing and executing strategies.

As a result, future physical game sessions are put on hold. Yet, we are looking forward to the the point in time where the protocols change and we can play P Challenges again while safeguarding everyone’s health.

Meanwhile, playing Climate Challenge online version might just be the needed to beat lockdown blues!



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