1 July: Leaders and followers and my experience with The Leader Academy

By Frans Ottenhof – I like to make people excited about the new “Leaders and Followers” program of the ‘Perspectivity Academy’. I think it’s a great program and everyone should experience it. I am happy to share my experiences with you on Tuesday, July 1st in Amsterdam. Below you’ll find a first impression.

The Leader Academy

At the start of Perspectivity eight years ago, eight people followed a similar program at The Leader Academy. It was a great experience and it has changed my life. I learned to look at the world and to my environment from a different perspective .

In the “Leaders and Followers” program I recognize the elements that have previously caused such a breakthrough for me, and which enabled me to bring the Perspectivity ideas into practice.

In my own words

The “Leaders and Followers” program consists of four modules. I choose from each module a sentence that brought the difference for me eight years ago. This is very personal and obviously does not reflect the scope of the course as it is presented by the Perspectivity Academy team. But still ….

1. Complexity Awareness

To build value from diversity instead of working trough polarization.

At the time I worked for 30 years in education, and that meant more to me than giving biology classes. Students started in the first grade of secondary school as eager, curious children. For many young people learning at school is necessary and not something that you’re doing for fun. I wanted to do it differently, I trained teachers to do it differently. But it was time to change myself. For years I was looking for people, with whom I could search for a new perspective. I met Henriette and I met Hans and the other ‘starters’. We did our own “Leaders and Followers” together. This was what I was looking for.

2. Self-expression

This module focuses on enabling the participants to look in themselves first, to be able to look into the word…… What is it that you (don’t) do aiming to distinguish and excel.

The first question that arose: “Who am I and what am I doing?’. It was very important to take time to reflect on myself, together with others. Especially during the simulations, game forms and other exercises I saw clearly how I functioned in a group. What worked and what did not work. How the others functioned. Through the use of dialogue as a way of relating with each other a safe environment was created that was a condition to be able to show myself and really learn. By the confidence that grew within the group, in each other and in myself.

3. Appreciative Understanding

Suspending judgements and prejudice and listening openly with the aim to truly understand the other to discover common ground.

Suspending your judgment, it sounds easy, but it is very difficult. Judging is so ingrained. I really was not planning to suspend my judgment on the director who helped ‘my school’ to go to hell with his megalomaniac ideas. Domien, the instructor said, “You do not have to be like him, but why not try half an hour to think like him.” It worked miracles. I worked miracles in school and was able to bring back the dialogue in a completely out of hand polarized situation. Not to forget all the methods that I brought to school to start the conversation. And the wisdom to remain a teacher and not a “house advisor”, what was asked of me.

4. Sustainable Development

What are the kind of interactions that bring the best of individual people and the best out of teams, groups, organisations at the same time, even while they are different.

I’ve taken a lot from the Perspectivity course of eight years ago. I ‘ grew sustainable ‘ and accomplished a lot in eight years. The course was the reason to make the next step in my life, to leave the consulting firm where I worked two days a week and continue to walk on my own. I realized one dream after the other over the years and I should tell more about it. I’m almost 65 years old and I do all sorts of projects without difficulty. I’m still not finished working, and sometimes I wake up in the morning at six o’clock with a new idea again.

You are heartily welcome to experience the same with this new course and to go through the same as I did eight years ago.


I don’t like to make telephone calls, but I’d like to talk to you about the impact of Perspectivity on my life and about the new “Leaders and Followers” training. This can be done on:
Tuesday, July 1st, at 18.00 in the first class restoration of the CS Amsterdam.
I’ll buy you coffee with apple pie and you can ask me anything. I’ll be there and you don’t need to register first. I’ll see who shows up. My number is 06 10966567. Call me when you get there. If you don’t show up, it doesn’t matter. I love to hang out there.

Frans Ottenhof