“Leaders and Followers” now offered in Middle East, Gulf and MENA regions

On 12 November 2013 an agreement was signed between CADER (Change Agent for Development and Education Reform) in Jordan and Perspectivity. The agreement concerns the successful new Perspectivity Programme “Inspiring Leaders and Talented Followers”, which is planned to be offered in the MENA Region and Gulf States where CADER is well- represented. Dr. Muhyieddeen Touq, general manager, devoted the last 15 years of his professional career to politics, diplomacy, and governance matters. He was the representative of Jordan to the United Nations Organizations in Vienna, served twice as a Minister and twice as an Ambassador to several European countries, UN organizations and several International Organizations. He chaired the Ad‐ Hoc Committee for the Negotiation of the UN Convention against Corruption between 2001‐ 2003. He chaired the “World Bank ‐ UNODC Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative” in 2010, and was a member of the Steering Committee for the establishment of the International Anti‐Corruption Academy in Austria. Perspectivity has had CADER as a client and partner since 2007 and is excited about the potential that this collaboration promises. The “Inpiring Leaders and Talented Followers” programme addresses complexity challenges faced by executives,  senior and mid-career managers. It was first conducted in-company at CADER in 2012, whereafter it was successfully piloted with 7 regional businesses in the past 6 months. The Arab Bank acquired the programme and offered it to its vice presidents last week. For more info contact Han Rakels.