Learning Exchange: Complex is not the same as Complicated

On the 24th of September more than 30 complexity-enthusiasts gathered in the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam to exchange their experiences with working in complex settings. The Learning Exchange was organized for the second time, following a very positive reception of the first Exchange that took place in April of this year.

Complexity ≠ Complicated
The day started with a systemic exercise to experience how our actions influence what is going on around us. We looked into the differences between complex, complicated, obvious and chaotic situations was explained, based on the Cynefin framework. In the afternoon, Hanne and Han presented the Perspectivity way of tackling complexity, by choosing a focus on differences or on commons. Read more in the Perspectivity Passion Code. Finally we shared our experience with a variety of tools we can use in complex situations.

Closing circle statements: engagement, enthusiasm, inspiration and gratitude.

I am not known to be a fast thinker, I am sure I will have plenty of food for thought the coming days.

It is not about understanding complexity, but about how you look at it.

More info:

  • Picture impression on our Facebook page
  • Follow-up: On November 17 we will organize a follow-up day for anyone who attended one of the first two sessions. Would you like to attend, let us know! If you like to bring a topic close to your heart or that you are eager to explore, let’s hear it!
  • The next basic Perspectivity Learning Exchange is planned for Spring 2016
  • More information: contact Anne van Marwijk