LEGO Serious Play

Are you looking for a way to get everyone involved? A way in which everyone can speak out about what is important to them, with colleagues but also across teams, departments or even throughout the whole organisation?

But do you find that you cannot really do that in ‘traditional’ meeting set-ups? Are you finding yourself too often stuck in tiring, boring and repetitive discussion? Or have you tried some methods but were not able to produce satisfying results with the group?

It is possible with LEGO Serious Play.

LEGO Serious Play stimulates action, creativity and reflection. It helps you and your team to look, reflect, listen and learn in a collaborative fashion. It is a proven method that is fun and impactful and turns ‘heavy’ themes into light ones.

Perspectivity is facilitating three short LEGO Serious Play training sessions in the upcoming months for people who are curious to learn more about the technique and how to use it themselves. In this training, we will show you the effects and applications of this 100% interactive work form. You will immediately find out why this is so much fun, which will make you want to work with it immediately.

About the trainer

Anna takes LEGO Serious Play wherever she comes. Whether it is in start-ups, NGOs or larger government organizations, LEGO always makes every group of people smile and let them build, experience and play constructively with ideas and challenges. The result: more coherence, energy and inspired action in what you do together.

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