Learning by telling stories about participation in Amsterdam

As a follow-up to the multi-stakeholder lab ‘Meedoen Werkt’ (Participation Works) at the end of 2015, the whole stakeholder field came together again on the 12th of December 2016. The central question of the meeting was:

“How do we strengthen and support each other on the road to sustainable participation of a larger group of Amsterdammers in vulnerable situations? Reaching more people. Making more places and opportunities happen. Finding each other. Matching at the right moment and place.” 

Approximately 80 involved people, from experiment leaders to case managers, policy makers and of course the target audience themselves shared their personal experiences with the experiments and projects for participation in Amsterdam that afternoon. The stories were collected with the help of Sprockler, a storybased monitoring tool, where storytellers can give meaning to their own stories themselves. By gathering stories together, patrons become visible that can subsequently be interpreted together. The results of this can be found in the interactive report.

Fittingly, the location of the meeting was a community centre in Amsterdam West. Civil society organisations provide services to Amsterdammers here, the catering was taken care of by one of the participation projects and the photos were taken by somebody who is now participating again since recently.


Participants have:

  1. A clearer image of the common agenda, the cohesion between current activities and the results that have been booked so far;
  2. Learned from each other’s experiences: what works and what can we do better
  3. Formulated next action steps for the collective process
  4. Strengthened their network even further.


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