Live test session digital Climate Challenge June 5th

Are you the first to check out the latest development on the Climate Challenge!?
This is the Climate challenge to a next level!

What? The Climate challenge is digitalised! Come to see and test the demo
Where? Wednesday 5th of June, 13.30-16.30 o’clock. De Alchemist, Utrecht
Who? For all who have experienced or are game leaders for the Climate challenge

This demo version of the Climate challenge features a digital dashboard, facilitating the game experience:

  • By automating the ‘boring’ steps in the challenge: some of the calculations / time consuming aspects.
  • By enriching the experience: seeing images or videos of disasters rather than reading cards, having a dashboard of global developments, a.o.
  • By improving the debrief and building a scores track record, so that we build a research data-base on behaviour (rather than throwing the results away as we now do),
  • By enabling the possibility for 1 game leader to handle multiple game tables simultaneously.

This initiative was sponsored through CoBudget. Funding is still open, if you would like to contribute.

The programming (digitisation) is done by Iconize, who have also built the Visualizer Module for Sprockler and the Shell online energy transition game.

Come to test, play and improve along with Han, Michiel, Lara and Tereza