Lost in Transformation Together: Review of the Perspectivity Learning Exchange

Thirty forerunners in the field of social change came together at the Perspectivity Learning Exchange ‘Lost in Transformation’ in Amsterdam. To exchange experiences and think about complex issues they encounter in their day-to-day life.

During this inspiring day, Perspectivity shared the methods they use and participants explored how they can make complexity work for them instead of against them. The group discussed their experiences openly and passionately. It is clear that complexity often hides in more places than we might think and that the group working with and on this issue is continuously becoming bigger.

Feedback of participants:

“I am now able to underpin what I was doing intuitively with a theoretical framework.”

“This day was very beneficial for breaking free from fixed patterns.”

“I am very impressed by the openness of which Perspectivity shared their knowledge.”

The next Learning Exchange will take place at September 24 and November 17. (Dutch only)