Moivaro Values identified through Appreciative Inquiry

Early June 2013, the management team of Moivaro Lodges & Tented Camps identified what they value about themselves, their work and the Moivaro Group. They held Appreciative Inquiry interviews to explore past successes. Based on these success stories, the managers explored underlying values and causes of success.

After sharing the stories, they discussed commonalities and differences in small groups. Every group came up with a list of core values. After a thorough dialogue, a final list of values was agreed upon. Values in which each and every one believes and want to express in their daily work.

The exercise is part of a process to formulate the Moivaro vision, mission and values. The next step is to translate the values in Kiswahili and have workshops on all Moivaro locations to operationalise the values with the more than 600 staff members.