Movement workshops for Syrian refugees in Lingewaard

Sixteen Syrian women acquired a plethora of new techniques to make stress disappear from their bodies and to feel more comfortable in their skin.

Hanne Verhoeven gave 4 workshops of two hours each.

Feedback from the participants on the effects of the workshop on them:

“It made me feel at ease”

“I had many positive thoughts now”

“I became much better at dealing with my anger in different ways” 

“It has given me a lot of energy and makes me feel active”

Removing obstacles for integration

Two case managers ‘Inburgering en Werk’ (Integration and Labour) from the municipality of Lingewaard were looking for a different approach to achieve more progress with their language and integration courses for refugees with a residence permit. They are suspecting that stress due to war and fleeing is the reason why integration is slower than would be expected based on level of education.

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