My dreams and fears for heaven on earth at Caritas Egypt







I want to contribute

To a Titanic shift at Caritas Egypt

In which empathy and surrender

Become tangibly

The main modes of interaction.


In that totally different world,

We can solve challenges in a heartbeat –

The kind of challenges

About which we now fight forever.


I know, of course,

That heaven on earth,

Includes disagreements and frustrations –

I pray that again and again

We learn to accept this,

While acknowledging with a tender smile,

That, of course,

We would have liked heaven without pain.


I pray that I never give up my dreams,

Nor act as if we achieved them

While in reality we really didn’t.

God safe me

From ever selling sweet little lies.



My heart cries at the huge difference

Between what I long for

And what I see,

And at the doubt,

Whether anybody else glimpses

The same mountain I long to climb.


I pray that I learn to surrender

To the pain of having no control

Whether our dreams come true or not,

Just like we cannot own heaven.

I pray that I learn to love

All people along the way,

While not watering down my dreams,

Nor my honesty

That our destination is painfully far,

Our cross painfully heavy.


Heaven is that moment

When we no longer resent

That the road is eternal.


I pray

That in Egypt and from Egypt,

I learn about borders and separation,

About the simultaneous existence

Of dreams and heartbreak,

Allowing them so deep in my heart

That I feel the underlying connection,

So that I become a tool

For Titanic, tangible shifts in interaction.


In the coming years

You will see my tears

Which I hope to shed for the benefit of both of us.


Today I feel like shouting in the dark,

Where nobody hears me –

Tomorrow I hope to see,

That we were always in this together.


Diederik, Cairo 6th April 2016